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Analyze Your Game

March 16, 2001
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Determine the level of success your game plan and teamhave achieved.

Step 1: Determine if necessary milestones and results are being achieved.

To determine if your game plan is succeeding or not, it's important tomeasure your progress on a regular basis. Review your game plan pyramid. Askyourself, are you and your team achievingthe necessary milestones and results with respect to:

  • Achieving team objectives,

  • Implementing work unit methods and systems,

  • Executing individual assignments and tasks,

If not, determine why:

  • What problems need to be addressed?

  • What lessons have we learned?

  • Are these the right objectives, methods and systems, or individualassignments and tasks?

  • Is something wrong with our approach?

  • Does the team's skill-building plan need to be adjusted?

  • Are there motivational or environmental barriers to team, work unit,and/or individual performance?

Step 2: Build on your success!

For each area of success, be sure to ask:

  • What roles were executed well by team members?

  • Which methods or systems delivered the desired results?

  • How did the team's playing style contribute to our success?

  • What modifications were made to successfully adjust to unforeseenproblems?

  • What are the keys to our success?

  • What actions do we want to repeat?

© 2001, The Center for Effective Performance,Inc..All rights reserved. Assistance on how to effectively implement these checklistsin your organization is available through a new one-day management seminarentitled How to Build A Championship Team at Work.

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