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Short Sample Policy for Employee Software Usage

April 15, 2001
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Use the guidelines below to preventunauthorized uses of software including duplication and sharing.

Guidelines for Employee Software Use

Software will be used only inaccordance with its license agreement. Unless otherwise provided in the license,any duplication of copyrighted software, except for backup and archival purposesby the software manager or designated department, is a violation of copyrightlaw. In addition to violating copyright law, unauthorized duplication ofsoftware is contrary to (organization's) standards of conduct. The followingpoints are to be followed to comply with software license agreements:

  1. All users must use all software inaccordance with license agreements and the (organization's) software policy.All users acknowledge that they do not own this software or its relateddocumentation, and, that unless expressly authorized by the softwarepublisher, may not make additional copies except for archival purposes.

  2. (Organization) will not tolerate theuse of any unauthorized copies of software or fonts in our organization. Anyperson illegally reproducing software can be subject to civil and criminalpenalties including fines and imprisonment. Users must not condone illegalcopying of software under any circumstances. Anyone who makes, uses, orotherwise acquires unauthorized software will be appropriately disciplined.

  3. No user will give software or fontsto any outsiders, including clients, customers, and others. Under nocircumstances will (organization) use software that has been brought in fromany unauthorized location under (organization's) policy, including, but notlimited to, the Internet, home, friends, and colleagues.

  4. Any user who determines that theremay be a misuse of software within the organization will notify theCertified Software Manager, department manager, or legal counsel.

  5. All software used by (organization)on (organization)-owned computers will be purchased through appropriateprocedures.

I have read (organization's) softwarecode of ethics. I am fully aware of our software compliance policies and agreeto abide by them. I understand that violation of any above policies may resultin my termination.

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SOURCE: Software &Information Industry Association (SIIA), SPA Anti-Piracy Division.

Reprinted with permission of E-PolicyHandbook: How to Develop Computer, E-mil, and Internet Guidelines to ProtectYour Company and its Assets by Nancy L. Flynn, published by AMACONBooks. All rights reserved.

The information contained here is intended toprovide useful information on the topic covered, but should not beconstrued as legal advice or a legal opinion.
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