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Table of Contents July 2001

June 28, 2001
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Gossip Poisons Business. HR Can Stop It
Whisper campaigns can ruin a workplace. Here are the steps that HR can take to squelch malicious gossip and clear the air.
By Samuel Greengard
The HRMS Tune-Up: Keep Your System Running Smoothly
Even if HRMS maintenance isn't one of your formal duties, knowing about backups, upkeep, and long-term troubleshooting can save you time, trouble, and money.
By Sarah Fister Gale
Retention Strategies That Respond to Worker Values
What do employees value? If you know that, you have the key to building a retention strategy that doesn't rely solely on raises.
By Pam Withers
A New Model for Controlling Health-Care Costs
In an expert's view, some cost sharing is critical to success. Employees who pay for some care with their own money are more likely to ask, "Is this necessary?"
By Mary S. Case


Between the Lines
Giving up gossip.
"At will" isn't the solution • Recruiter-proofing
The Buzz
Intranets that help keep the goodwill of downsized employees • The toll on caregivers • Raw Data: Overworked America • Well Done: Culture shifts
On the Contrary
Creativity leads Shari Caudron on a merry chase, staying just out of reach while her deadline looms.
What Works
What does it take to motivate people? It depends on the people. Tom Terez illustrates with a tale of two inspired businessmen.
Dear Workforce:
HR gently addresses a boss's bad behavior. • Assessing whether you need a mentor, or a coach. • Forms for a smooth work flow.
Legal Insight
Pension investment counseling that won't bring a lawsuit. • Resolving a bereavement-leave issue. • A high price for a discriminatory insurance policy.
Small, Medium, Large
Seasonal shifts and unexpected staffing needs can catch a company short-handed. Here is how three organizations meet their needs for specialized peak-period help.
Think Twice
It's not easy being a green company. But Todd Raphael shows how an attitude of environmental responsibility can make your company a place that people want to work.
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