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HR Challenges Solved!

June 29, 2001
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Founded in 1925 in downtown San Jose, CA, One Workplace (OWP) is a leading businessresource for the work environment. OWPprovides a full range of consulting, products, and services that assistcompanies in thinking about their workspace and how it relates to their people,culture, processes, and technology.

One Workplace's Challenge

As an Executive Director of Human Resources, JeffreyCrocker had a primary mission: find an HRIS that consisted of a comprehensiveHuman Resources and Benefits module, payroll interface, and a full-servicetraining module. The objective was tofind an architecture that enabled HR to maintain the employee information in acentralized, shared, Web-native database. Othercriteria included finding a system that would support future needs as thebusiness grew.

During his search,Jeffrey read about NuView Systems, in an article published inHuman ResourcesExecutive Magazine. NuViewSystems, Inc., is an award-winning Web-native HRIS solutions provider.After meeting with NuView, Jeffrey found that they focused on solutionsand not just software. He was alsoimpressed with the emphasis on staying ahead of their competitors with bothdesign and technology. One Workplaceexecutive committee found that NuView’s MyHRIS was not only a superiorproduct, but could quickly give OWP a positive return on their investment.

Onceall of the potential solutions were identified, One Workplace created astrategic matrix. This allowed OWP toevaluate 20 different criteria, which were critical to their HRIS needs andrequirements. Jeffrey strongly emphasized his company’s mission for growinginto an HR solution rather than growing out off their existing HR package.

After an exhaustive evaluation and search process, One Workplace narrowedtheir search down to five finalists.  Fromthe beginning Jeffrey emphasized his desire for a product that would interfacewith ADP, their payroll provider. Initially, Jeffrey was not impressed with theoverall “look and feel” of MyHRIS. This was common feedback amongst clients and prospects, which led the enhancement of our newest version -- MyHRIS 3.0. After two months, NuView Systemsultimately won the business of One Workplace by providing them with all thesolutions they had been in search of.

Ryan Thomas ofNuView was assigned as the Project Manager and conducted the implementation andcustomizations for One Workplace. Thedesired results were delivered on time and within budget. 


The Results

Ina recent meeting with Jeffrey, he discussed some of the most impressive aspectsof NuView Systems. He stated howimpressed he is by “NuView’s genuine commitment to partner with OneWorkplace in finding a strategic solution for their current and upcomingchallenges." He appreciates NuView’s conservative style of under-committing and over-delivering,which is not typical. He also said“NuView helped him to understand the full potential of an HRIS solution."

If you are making an informed decision to buy or rent an HRIS solution, you will ultimately choose NuView Systems--MyHRIS.--Jeffrey Crocker

AnitaWagner, a Human Resources manager for OWP recently used MyHRIS to gatherinformation on current and previous employees. Shewas able to access all the information in a fraction of the time it would havetaken prior to utilizing NuView’s MyHRIS reporting tools.Another Human Resources manager supports the San Francisco and Oaklandoffices from her virtual office in Los Angeles. Without MyHRIS’ Web-native functionality, this would not bepossible. 


FastReturn on Investment (ROI)

Afterperforming all of the needed research on all the HR packages, the executivecommittee found the MyHRIS proposal to be significantly more cost-effective.In addition, they found it to be a superior product that would result ina return on investment.

OneWorkplace employees now have the ability to be proactive providers.They have the solutions that will “help with tomorrow’s challengesand put out today’s fires.”

Arecent testimonial by Jeffrey Crocker, which expresses his satisfaction w/NuView Systems –

"I did not want to hesitate in writing toyou to tell you how impressed we are with your company and MyHRIS. I have workedwith several members of your team, and I can't say enough about theirprofessionalism, knowledge and customer service. I have attended numeroustraining sessions, as well as presented many ourselves, and I can honestly saythat I have never attended a training that was more meaningful, enjoyable andmemorable. The three of us who participated in the training have different skillsets technically and in the Human Resources field. Your trainer was able totailor the training to accommodate all of us and apply MyHRIS to our "reallife" Human Resources needs."

Jeffrey Crocker, Executive Director of Human Resources,
One Workplace

Jeffrey’s goalwas to provide a cost-effective Human Resources Solution that would solve the HRchallenges for his company. One Workplaceemployees now have the ability to be proactive providers using the NuView MyHRISsystem. They now have solutions that will help with tomorrow’s challengeswhile putting out today’s fires.

CongratulationsJeffrey, you did it!


One Workplace
ExecutiveDirector of Human Resources
1057Montague Expressway
Milpitas,CA 95035

NuViewSystems, Inc.
155West Street, Suite #7
Wilmington,MA 01887

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