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Checklist for HRMS Maintenance

July 13, 2001
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Neglecting maintenance on your HRMS will surely undermine your ability to effectively manage HR responsibilities and ultimately can have disastrous consequences, such as losing payroll data. To be sure problems don't araise, use this checklist -- compiled with the assistance of John Caplin, director of professional services for JAT consulting, an HR software consulting company in Plesant Hill, California -- as a guide for scheduling short- and long-term HRMS maintenence taks. When possible, assign tasks to specific specialists in the HR or IT department and put someone in charge of making sure they are all completed on target.

After Implementation
Conduct post-mortem to improve future projects 1 month -
Review and fine-tune security access, policies, processes 1 month Annually
Schedule subsequent installation phases 2-3 months -
Write internal procedures and policies guide 3 months As needed
Conduct review to determine that system is meeting objectives 3 months -
Attend vendor's users' group meetings 3 months Continually
Apply vendor maintenance upgrades   ASAP
Attend vendor's user's conference 1 month Annually
Review new vendor products 6 months Annually
Plan for decommissioning of obsolete systems 6 months -
Review/consolidate similar or unnecessary reports 6 months Annually
Invite third-party to audit/advise maintenance procedures 1 year Every 2 years
Invite third-party to audit business processes 6 months 2 years
Develop plan for purging separated employee records 1 year Annually
Publish ROI of HRMS to company As soon as system pays for itself -
Prepare for your system to become obsolete 2-3 years -


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