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Table of Contents October 2001

September 27, 2001
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A$90 millon overtime gamble, stripped-down training, the importance of a to-do list, and more, in this month's issue of Workforce magazine! Subscribe Now!


Overtime Lawsuits: Are You at Risk?
The losses in class-action lawsuits are startling: Taco Bell: $13 million; Rite Aid: $25 million; Farmers Insurance Exchange, $90 million. Companies that have misclassified hourly employees are paying huge prices for their decisions. Don't be one of them.
By Gillian Flynn
HR Takes a Hands-On Approach to Business and Delivers Results
Are you seating bullets over how to become a "profit center?" Here's a new approach to HR, one that focuses squarely on what business needs to succeed.
By Kevin Herring
Why Online Learners Drop Out
High dropout rates are e-learning's embarrassing secret. Here are strategies to create an e-learning program that will keep employees engaged and motivated.
By Karen Frankola
The Legalities of Flextime
Companies are shying away from flextime because they're concerned about the possible legal pitfalls. Can flextime be discriminatory? Do telecommuters get overtime? By structuring your program right, you can avoid legal problems.
By Gillian Flynn

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Leader Summit Series
HR Software Trends: New Frontiers
HR faces rising expenses, demanding employees, and a host of new benefit offerings. Industry leaders explain the changes and describe how you can realize gains for your company and employees.


Between the Lines
Overtime, and a terrible time.
The wages of fear • Disney: Cinderella or Cruella?
The Buzz
Even in the downturn, SAS keeps its culture intact • Well Done: Feedback from the rank and file • Raw Data: The push for living-wage campaigns.
On the Contrary
Sawbones is a massage therapist, a writer, a hat-maker, and, according to Shari Caudron, the model worker of the future.
What Works
Don't try to tell LaRue Etling to get off the roof. Particularly if knocking off the ice is on his to-do list. Tom Terez tells how this 101-year-old man has made a life worth emulating.
Dear Workforce:
The elements of an HR strategic plan • HR review board? Bad idea • How much to pay the CEO
Small, Medium, Large
Training has taken a beating in the weak economy. Three companies show creativity in making their stripped-down programs work. One training director says, "Good coaching and mentoring programs are recession-proof."
Legal Insight
Does the ADA require preferential treatment? • An employee, a threat, and Prozac • An NLRB ruling is good news for employee-participation committess.
Think Twice
Think it's tough to see how HR affects profits and stock prices? Todd Raphael offers a glaring example.
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