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IDear Workforce-i Who's Looking for Jobs Online

A profile of the digital candidate.
January 13, 2000
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Dear Workforce:

We are looking for stats on the percentage of people that look for and/or find employment via the Internet. We are also looking to develop a profile of the "typical" (if any) person that seeks employment via the Internet. Any demographic data would also be extremely helpful.

Jennifer Mangus, Associate EEO Specialist, Lockheed Martin, Rockville, MD


Dear Jennifer:

Some 30 percent of Internetusers are looking for a job online, according to the Internet BusinessNetwork's 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index. Of this 30 percent, half areactively looking for a job while the other half is considering job huntingonline.

Online job seekers increasingly represent across-section of the workforce. In an online survey conducted in August 1999 byWeddle's, the Newsletter for SuccessfulOnline Recruiting, nearly 78 percent were over the age of 30 and almosthalf were between the ages of 30 and 49. Males comprised 71 percent ofrespondents and 29 percent were female. Almost 36% of respondents wereprofessionals, 12.6 percent were administrative support and 3.2 percent wereskilled tradepersons.

SOURCE:, Los Angeles, CA, December 1999.

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