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Maximizing Employee Potential

January 24, 2000
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The real challenge in keeping employees is maximizing their gifts while minimizing their blemishes. Here are some thoughts on addressing this challenge:

  • Create a "no fault" environment—To borrow a term from the insurance business, we need to create an environment where people are not reluctant to experiment with new methods. If we fail with out new methods, we learn, grow, don’t repeat them, and move on.
  • Individual stamps—Provide an end objective for a task or a project, but don’t specify the exact steps that are required to meet the end. Let people put their individual stamp and creativity on the project.
  • Provide a common vision—It’s nice to know what the larger goal is. Let others know how smaller assignments fit into the larger picture. If we know why we’re doing something, it’s a lot easier to feel good about our diligent effort.
  • Few rules, but high standards—None of us wants to be managed, but we need accountability for our results. We need to create an environment with high goals that don’t block individual freedom.
  • Willingness to help—All great things happen through others. We work together as co-workers, not employers/employees. We should help others in times of need, regardless of whether it’s convenient for us.

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