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Guidelines for a Safe Home Workstation

January 31, 2000
Related Topics: Ergonomics and Facilities, Featured Article
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) quickly rescinded a controversial interpretive letter that said a Texas employer could be held responsible for the safety of its telecommuting employees. However, the agency’s action concerned many businesses in the U.S., which increasingly are allowing employees to work from home offices.

Whatever companies think about governmental regulation or lack thereof in this area, as a good business practice, they should consider encouraging employees to ensure that their home office environments are safe and designed to maximize productivity.

A home workstation should be:

  • In a separate, private and secure area designated for work.
  • Private and quiet—free from family, neighbors or other distractions.
  • Include a place to store office materials where they’ll be secure from children, pets, etc.
  • Functionally efficient.

SOURCE: CCH Incorporated, Riverwoods, IL, January 2000.

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