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MyHRISThe HRIS Rental Solution

February 1, 2000
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Human Resource Information Systems do not need to drain company resources and take years to implement—MyHRIS can streamline your HR processes with the latest technology at a reasonable monthly lease price.

Choose from the following modules:

  • HR:Expert Web (human resources and benefits)

  • MatchMaker Web (applicant tracking and resume scanning)

  • Training Expert Web (training administration)

  • Success Expert Web (succession planning, employee development, org charts)

  • ESS Expert Web (employee self-service)

  • GSS Expert Web (guest self-service)

  • MSS Expert Web (manager self-service)


What is MyHRIS?

MyHRIS is the ASP (Application Service Provider) solution from NuView Systems Inc. It includes complete human resource and benefits administration, applicant tracking, training administration and succession planning with org charts and an option for self-service. For a single monthly cost, an employee can review her or his profile, benefits, benefit statement, company policies or an administrator can run headcount reports, enter salary changes, scan a resume or schedule applicant interviews.


What are the benefits of rental versus purchasing an HR system?

  • No client install
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No company hardware costs or MIS support
  • Low upfront software or hardware costs
  • Complete back-ups daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Access at home or work from any computer with a Web browser anywhere
  • Quick return on investment with no overhead IS or HR department costs
  • Ability to purchase system and bring in-house at a later point if needed


How much does MyHRIS cost?

MyHRIS requires a one-time set-up and training charge, and monthly flat fee, depending on company size. Add-on options include ADP payroll interface, customized forms or Crystal Reports.


What does the monthly flat fee cover?

Authorized logins, communication channel rental, disk space rental, software rental and support, back-ups and transaction reports are included in the MyHRIS package.


Is there a lease-to-purchase plan to bring MyHRIS in-house?

Yes, NuView Systems offers a generous Credit Toward Purchase Plan. Should a company decide to upgrade its MyHRIS rental program to the full NuWeb Suite!, a percentage of lease payments are credited toward purchase price.


Is customer support an additional charge?

No, support is included in the monthly flat fee. In order to be eligible for support, the system administrator must take the training class.


What kind of security is used to protect the data?

Login security allows authorized access only. Once logged in, record security can restrict access to some records only and all transactions sent over the Internet are secured through SSL technology. Banks and online stores use the same security mechanism for all similar e-commerce transactions.


What kind of reporting tool is used for MyHRIS?

A built in query design system easily allows the user to extract data from multiple tables. The query can be used to export data to any spreadsheet, use to create a letter or layout in a report. An add-on option uses Seagate Crystal Reports 7.0 for report creation. The letter design tool is included. The package includes 100 standard reports and letters for your use.


Are there any workflow options in MyHRIS?

Yes, workflow is an integral part of MyHRIS, and includes COBRA eligibility and cessation letters, daily report of employee birthdays, list of employees with overdrawn vacation, training class rosters, a "Welcome Aboard" letter from your CEO for new employees and many more tasks. Customized workflow tasks can be created as needed by business requirements.


The Better Solution

An HRIS should not cost millions of dollars, require heavy IT support or a large implementation budget. An HRIS should enable employees’ needs to be satisfied and help communicate corporate culture and policies. NuView Systems recognizes these needs and NuView products address these ideals. To accomplish this, we have created a single system to hold all data in our six modules: human resources and benefits, recruiting, training administration, succession planning and employee development, employee self-service and manager self-service.

NuView Systems appreciates the work involved in selecting an HR system that combines recruiting, benefits, succession planning and employee training in an intuitive, robust format. NuView understands the needs of HR professionals. The founders have decades of experience in human resource information systems development and support.

Our mission is to provide the most innovative HRIS using the latest proven technologies by combining user-friendly software with state-of-the-art technology and assisting human resource departments with their daily responsibilities. Our ultimate goal is to provide "HRIS Solutions Made Simple." NuView combines the views of HR departments and IT departments into a unique human resource information system—NuWeb Suite!, available for purchase, or rent MyHRIS.

NuWeb Suite! is quickly becoming the market leader for Web-deployable HRIS with self-service. Available for rent as an ASP solution or for purchase, NuWeb Suite! is the Web HRIS for all size companies. Users in Prague, Boston and London can log in and access information in real time using Windows, Macintosh or Linux! Users always get prompt, friendly technical assistance from our customer support center. Ask our references—we have the best support in the industry!

Call 800/244-7654 today for a free trial of MyHRIS and NuWeb Suite!. We’ll show you how our products will free your time to make strategic decisions that affect your employees’ well-being and your company’s bottom line.

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