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What if ALL the Rockers in the World Began Freely Spouting their Poison

February 14, 2000
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Hi Todd.

I've read your column. When I first began the piece, I wondered where you would go. Having completed it, I find myself only partially agreeing with your conclusion. While I don't care one way or the other about the fine or the suspension, I strongly believe he needed to be taught that actions beget consequences. Why should those whom he holds beneath contempt be forced to listen to what equates to noise pollution of the worst kind?

No one can change Rocker's thinking but Rocker. Perhaps some transfiguring moment will result in his becoming a more likeable and accepting human being, but I highly doubt it. Relatively few bigots ever undergo such a wonderous experience. What if ALL the Rockers in the world began freely spouting their poison? Can you imagine the sheer magnitude of the din? I wouldn't want to hear it -- no matter how revealing/educational it could possibly prove to be. Most of us are able to sense latent hatred/racism, etc., without requiring the person emanating this emotion to open his/her mouth.

I like your site and I return to it when I have some free time at work orwhen insomnia strikes at night. There's a wealth of information.If I didn't tell you that I thought your column was well thought-out andwell-written, I was remiss, Todd. It was a thoughtful, well-balancedpiece.

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