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Space Matters to Creative Technical Employees

February 24, 2000
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According to an eMedia Staffing survey of nearly 400 creative technical professionals, 25% consider work environment first when deciding whether to take a new job. This preference is only slightly behind salary in importance to techies, says the survey.

Environment: Creative technical professionals have a marked preference for aesthetically interesting environments. Workspaces that are creative and playful reinforce their creative identity and are a major recruiting factor. Some design firms who understand the recruiting value of environment are posting pictures of their hip offices online for perspective candidates to view.

Keeping up Appearances: Clutter and out-of-date furnishings send a negative impression that a corporate environment is not quite cutting edge. A hiring manager should try walking into their company or creative department with a "fresh" perspective. Do they LOOK successful, creative, and interesting?

SOURCE: eMedia Staffing, Portland, Maine, February 2000.

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