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Evaluate Basic Computer Skills

February 29, 2000
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Employers spend billions of dollars each year to train and improve the skill level of their employees. Any company, large or small, that heeds the following three tips can make training programs more effective.

Test job candidates for computer skills.
Many of today's jobs require at least basic computer skills. While computer proficiency isn't the only criterion for companies to consider, the ability to use a computer is especially important now.

The administration of standardized tests offers a scientific and valid method for assessing a job candidate's computer skills.

Assess employees' training needs with skills testing.
Computer-skills testing shouldn't be limited just to new hires it needs to be done for all employees. A business can then develop an effective, comprehensive training program that will increase the overall level of computer skills within the company.

In addition to the increased productivity and elevated employee morale that a company achieves by keeping well-trained workers, designing a computer-training program based on skills testing offers yet another advantage.

The company will save money by placing employees in training programs specifically targeting the needs of those employees.

Administer post-training testing.
By testing employees after the training is completed, a company can gauge how much employees have learned from the class. It also determines whether other employees should be sent to the same program.

Any company that's looking to improve the computer skills of its employees should determine applicant skill levels before hiring, assess computer training needs within the company, and plan appropriate, cost-effective training programs.

Effective computer-skills training also provides employees with the tools needed to perform well in their jobs, which ultimately reduces turnover and saves the company money.

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