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IDear Workforce-I Turnover in Health Care

It's higher than most industries.
March 15, 2000
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Dear Workforce:

Do you have any data on turnover in the health care field? This data is very hard to come up with.

— Michael D. Grubisha, Director of Human Resources, Grane Healthcare, Pittsburgh, PA.



Dear Michael:

You're right. There isn't a lot out there that really breaks turnover down into small pieces.

Monthly turnover in health care averaged 1.7% between January and September 1999. This was higher than in most industries. (Manufacturing was 1%, Finance was 1.2%).

Incidentally, I also have numbers on unscheduled absences for the health care field: 2.0% was the average monthly rate, Jan-Sep 1999.

To find more information you may want to use the "Member Network" database at to e-mail someone in your field, in your size of company, etc.

SOURCE: Bureau of National Affairs' Bulletin to Management, December 6, 1999, Washington, D.C.

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