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IDear Workforce-I What Will HR Look Like in 2020

Look for self-managed bennies, outsourcing and free agents.
March 19, 2000
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Dear Workforce:

How will Human Resources departments be structured and operate in 20 years?

-- Lori Biesiada, consultant, McS Solutions, Columbus, Ohio



Dear Lori:

As we move into the future, the outsourcing trend will be seen in the human resources arena.

Several key generalists will manage the corporate human resource function, with at least one of them actively participating at the strategic level. Most of the functions such as recruiting, employment, record-keeping, and benefits administration will be outsourced, with a high level of automation using computers.

A significant portion of the company's workforce will be contingent labor, requiring a substantially different set of skills for recruiting, negotiating, managing and servicing a very flexible workforce. A large number of workers will be independent free agents, though many of them will sell their services through an international network of brokers.

Most benefits will be self-designed and self-managed, relieving most employers from carrying this load. Since most employment arrangements will be established through individual negotiation, wage and salary specialists will play a much different role.


SOURCE: Roger E. Herman, CSP, CMC, The Herman Group, Greensboro, NC, February 29, 2000.

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