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You Don't Have to Be IBM to Have an EAP

June 7, 2000
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The question of whether your company should have an onsite EAP has less to do with size than you might think. In general, a worksite with 500 employees should have an EAP counselor onsite for employee assessment, referral and follow-up, supervisor training, employee orientation and various brownbag presentations about four hours per week.

That could be four hours per month for a facility with 100 employees or forty hours per week if the location has 5,000 employees. The crucial element is whether the individual counselor comes to represent the EAP in the minds of employees and supervisors by providing continuity of service over time. Today even fairly small companies offer EAP services.

Half of the companies with less than 100 employees and three quarters of companies with more than 500 employees reported providing an EAP, in a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management.

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