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August 8, 2000
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Shelf Life
By Nancy L. Breuer
Keeping people in high-turnover industries is tough. Here are some pointers from the miracle workers in the world of retail.

Prepared to Go, but Eager to Stay
By Bill Catlette and Richard Hadden
The authors of Contented Cows Give Better Milk share their thoughts on how to retain high-quality people-even in fast food and hospitality.


Unhappy Trails
By Charlene Marmer Solomon
What can ruin overseas relocations? Dual-career dilemmas and frustrated "trailing" spouses.

Building Loyalty
By Caroline Louise Cole
A survey on worker commitment reveals that employees will give their all -- and stay -- at companies they find deserving. Here's how to win their devotion.

Long-Distance Recognition
By Bob Nelson
The world of work is branching away from central locations. A recognition guru tells how to make workers feel their contributions are appreciated, even when they're miles and miles away.

Workforce Interviews
By Bob Rosner
Management "loudmouth" Tom Peters and anthropologist Jennifer James apply their special insights to the world of human resources. The advice includes a "kook to kook" initiative and how to avoid getting "flattened" out of existence.

Married? Or Just Dating?
By Michael N. O'Malley
Why is so hard to hold on to the best employees? This excerpt from Creating Commitment spells out the roots of the problem (some people are just dating their companies), and opens a conversation about keeping your irreplaceable people.


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