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Fun Facts and Quotes About Labor Day and Labor

August 31, 2000
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Here are some things you may not know (and may not have wanted to know)about Labor Day and labor:

  • The first Labor Day took placeon Tuesday, September 5th, 1882 in New York City.

  • Before they became successfulin show business, Charles Bronson and Jack Palance both labored as coalminers. Ava Gardner's father also worked as a coal miner.

  • Frances Perkins was the firstwoman appointed to hold a U.S. Cabinet post as Secretary of Labor. She wasappointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and held the post from1933-1945.

  • Only 8 percent of Americanadults say they eat out on Labor Day.

  • On average, clergymen,lawyers, and doctors each have 15,000 words in their vocabulary. Skilledworkers who haven't had a college education know between 5,000 and 7,000words. Farm laborers, about 1,600.

  • Paul Gaugin, the Frenchpainter, was a laborer on the Panama Canal. About 25,000 workers diedduring its construction.

  • When Walt Disney arrived inHollywood, in the early 1920's, he got a job as an extra in a westernmovie. But it rained the day Walt's scene was to be filmed, and the studioreplaced him.

  • Rap artist Sean"Puffy" Combs had his first job at age two when he modeled in anad for Baskin-Robbins ice-cream shops.

  • Between 20,000 and 60,000bees live in a single hive. The queen bee lays nearly 1,500 eggs a day andlives for up to 2 years. The drone, whose only job it is to mate with thequeen bee, has a lifespan of around 24 days and has no stinger. Workerbees -- all sterile females -- usually work themselves to death within 40days, collecting pollen and nectar. Worker bees will fly up to 9 miles (14km) to find pollen and nectar, flying at speeds as fast as 15 mph (24km/h).

  • In 18th century Englishgambling dens, there was an employee whose only job was to swallow thedice if there was a police raid.

  • Statistically speaking, themost dangerous job in the United States is that of sanitation worker.Firemen and policeman are a close second and third places, followed byleather tanners in fourth.


Labor-Related Quotations

  • "By working faithfullyeight hours a day, you may get to be a boss and work twelve hours aday."
    - Robert Frost

  • "I have never likedworking. To me a job is an invasion of privacy."
    - Danny McGoorty

  • "Women are expected todo twice as much as men in half the time and for no credit. Fortunately,this isn't difficult."
    - Charlotte Whitton (1896 - 1975)

  • "Work as if you were tolive a hundred years, Pray as if you were to die tomorrow."
    - Benjamin Franklin

  • "Work is a necessity forman. Man invented the alarm clock."
    - Pablo Picasso

  • Work is of two kinds: first,altering the position of matter at or near the earth's surface relative toother matter; second, telling other people to do it."
    - Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)

  • "Committee - a group ofmen who keep minutes and waste hours."
    - M. Berle

  • "The most popularlabor-saving device today is still a husband with money."
    - Joey Adams

  • Sometimes you earn more bydoing the jobs that pay nothing."
    - Todd Ruthman

  • There is an enormous numberof managers who have retired on the job."
    - Peter Drucker

  • "This is a test. This isonly a test. Had it been an actual job, you would have received raises,promotions, and other signs of appreciation."
    - Anonymous

  • Find a job you like and youadd five days to every week."
    - H. Jackson Browne

  • "Every job is a selfportrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work withexcellence."
    - Jessica Guidobono

SOURCE: Compiled by Jared Gilbert of Workforce from, August 25, 2000. Reprinted with permission.

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