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October 28, 2000
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HR Lessons from a Strike -- ByEilene Zimmerman

The settlement of the strike againsttelecommunications company Verizon has some important messages for HR: Unionsare back. Work/life issues matter at the bargaining table. Employees (unionizedor not) know they're not as replacable as they once were, and want to be treatedthat way.


Getting to Know You -- By JenniferHutchins

Orientation programs should be more than just filling out forms and finding thelunchroom. Done right, they can boost employee retention and satisfaction.

Foreign Relations -- By Charlene MarmerSolomon

Your new foreign employees need more from youthan just the right visa. HR can help them understand the American approach tomeetings, deadlines, and why it's OK to call the boss by her first name.

Retention on the Brink -- By Patrick J.Kiger

When your  company is fighting its way backfrom near-disaster, its hope of survival may be HR's ability to identify andretain key employees. There's more to it than just cash and stock options.

Retirement Plan Trends -- ByVictor D. Inafnte

With a changing workforce comes changes inretirement plans. While 401(k)s get most of the press, traditional definedbenefit plans still are the ones most commonly used. Here's a look at the planscompanies are choosing, and how the employees of tomorrow might affect thosechoices.

The Workforce Interview -- By BobRosen

Harvey Mackay has written two of thetop motivational books of all time, including "Swim With the Sharks WithoutBeing Eaten Alive." In his view, the key to HR success is making deals."Agreements prevent disagreements," Mackay says.

When the Unions Come Calling -- ByGillian Flynn

Unions are alive and well in the 21st century.And if your company, of whatever size, is experiencing union flirtation, theinitial reaction may be to panic. Don't. Instead, read how a small, a medium,and a large company handled union overtures.


On the Contrary -- May I Take Your Order?

InfoWise -- Taming the Information Glut

The Buzz --

  • Managersare Red-Hot
  • Many Happy (Stockholder) Returns
  • Meetings Take a Hike
  • Branding HR
  • Thirteen Things We're Thankful For

Forte -- Elderly Workers Keep Vita NeedleVital

Legal Insights -- The Perils of Third-PartySexual Harassment

Working Wounded -- Jumping the MotivationHurdle

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