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Retirement Programs Offered Alongside 401ks

November 19, 2000
Related Topics: Benefit Design and Communication, Retirement/Pensions, Featured Article
From a survey of 484 plans reporting; multiple responses were given.
% of Employers
Defined benefit pensionplan67%
Other deferredprofit-sharing or savings plan18%
Stock option plan fornon-executives14%
Qualified stock purchaseplan12%
Stand Alone ESOP6%
Money-purchase pensionplan4%
Non-qualified deferredcompensation plan3%
Non-qualified stockpurchase plan2%
External investmentaccount via payroll2%
or bank account deduction
Other plans (e.g. stockbonus plan)3%
No other retirement planor financial12%
security program

Source: Hewitt Associates, LLC

Workforce,November 2000, Vol. 79, No. 11, p. 72 -- Subscribenow!

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