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Dear Workforce How Do You Reduce Staffing Turnaround Time

An outline of things to consider when it comes to requisitions, interviewing, communication and other parts of the process.
November 26, 2000
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Dear Workforce:

How can you streamline time-to-hire?

--Rich, Atlanta, GA


A Dear Rich:

As is the case with any process, the more people involved, the longer thetime-to-hire cycle will be.

To streamline your companies time-to-hire, I recommend beginning with asketch of the process to identify areas for improvement. Bear in mind, with therecruiting technologies available today, each component can be streamlinedelectronically for efficiency. Major components of this process outline andconsiderations are as follows.

Requisition Process
  • Make requisition simple for managers to complete and communicate.
  • Maintain set generic job descriptions that are easy to update.
  • Establish on-line approval functionality as needed.
Interviewing Process
  • Provide written interview forms for hiring managers to complete withfeedback -- online functionality is a plus!
  • Provide timely feedback to candidates.
Candidate Delivery
  • Recruiter should provide candidate pre-screen and resume electronically tointerviewing manager.
  • If background checking is standard, complete this via an Internet service.
  • Manager
    1. Give interview/offer feedback immediately after interview.
  • Candidates
    1. Provide an on-line application process to view and apply to currentopenings.
    2. Provide written company and benefit information to candidates prior tooffer.
    3. Ensure a reasonable, three- to five-day expiration on all offerletters.
  • Request electronic resumes that can be managed, stored, and submittedeasily to hiring managers.
  • Utilize Web based recruiting tools that enable full life-cycle service.
  • Ensure the Employee Referral Program is online and information is up todate.


SOURCE: Benchmark HR Solutions Inc., a Salem, N.H.-based recruitment andemployee retention services provider for high-growth, start-up technologycompanies.

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