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The HR Decision Maker

December 1, 2000
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Workforce delivers the trends, tools, and business results that HR professionals need to succeed.

Always on. Always accessible. Always ahead ofthe curve. Workforce means business. And it means action. Just like ouraudience. The Workforce professional is anything but passive. They areresponsible for change. From the production line to the bottom line. And theymeet it head on. Creating it when necessary. Managing it with results always inmind. What do they need to succeed? Information. Fair warning on emergingtrends. Clear analysis to mount a strategic response. Tactical tools andresources. Geared to produce measurable business results. They can find it allin Workforce. And they do.

What else do they find? The products andservices they need to do their jobs. Products like yours. Workforce is home basefor action-directed HR professionals. Accessible in print, online and via email.If you’re looking for HR decision-makers, you’ll find them at Workforce.

From idea to implementation Workforce delivers:

The WorkforceAudience
Workforce readers and users aredecision-makers who can’t take the time to be bored. They want action.They want issues. Clearly presented. Placed in context. Framed with boldvision. Backed up by sensible real-world solutions. And they want productsthat help them deliver business results.

The Workforce Stateof Mind
Dynamic not dull. Upbeat not down.It seeks out serious challenges and explores them with curiosity andenthusiasm. The result is an information rich environment that builds energyand confidence. The Workforce mindset is optimistic and open to newsolutions. It’s analytical and imaginative. Above all it’s alert andready for action. Always on the lookout for new products and services thatcan improve the bottom line. Workforce is a vital time and place to reachyour customer.

An IntegratedSelling Process
Workforce meshes print and onlineusage, providing context-sensitive visibility for your product through itsentire selling cycle. From initial perception and preference building,through research and data gathering, to contact and purchase or requests forproposals. Workforce provides critical media access that meets individualuser preferences. It includes Workforce magazine, Workforce online, andWorkforce issue-oriented email newsletters. And very importantly, Workforce’sintegrated selling process provides a direct connection to your company’sweb site.

Workforce'sintegrated selling process enables you to stay present from concept toimplementation. To enter the conversation at any point with the informationthat's relevant for that moment. Whether it's building brand awareness,offering a case study, delivering product specifications, or closing thedeal -- you're there every step of the way. Your message is there. And so isyour company. Ready and able to do real business. Integrating your productinto Workforce keeps you top of mind at every point in the sales process.

They’ve got needs. They’ve got buying power. Whatthey don’t have is time to waste. Today’s new HR professionals rely on fast,direct and interactive communication to get their work done. And that workincludes purchasing the products and services they need to achieve businessresults.

They are action people. They’re always in motion. Their buying istime-sensitive and information-driven. They access information when and how theywant it -- from print to online. To catch them you have to be in more than oneplace at one time. And that’s precisely what Workforce’s integrated sellingenvironment allows.

Workforce’s unique integrated selling environment provides multiple entrypoints to the sales process. By reinforcing your marketing message in Workforcemagazine and Workforce online, you maximize the value of your media dollar. Withdirect links to your own web site, you add speed and convenience that spellresults for you and your customer.

The Enduring Impactof Print
No matter how media changes, printremains the first choice of many. Workforce magazine gets and holds itsreaders’ attention with lively and engaging content. Nearly 90% of Workforce subscribers spend more than 30 minutes reading each issue. Morethan half of them spend more than an hour reading it. That’s quality timefor Workforce advertisers. It’s a great time and place to introduce yourcompany and your products. Arousing reader interest early in the purchasingprocess lays the groundwork for preference building. And that leads toaction when it counts.

Fast, Convenient,Plugged In
Workforce online is the source ofchoice for web-oriented HR professionals. It offers fast access to Workforce’sunique blend of trends and tools. Our online community is a dynamic placewhere short lists are made and preferences are solidified. If they’ve gotquestions, you want to be there with answers.

From preference to purchase. It’sonly a click away. Direct connection to your web site means that HRprofessionals can gather comprehensive data for near-term purchases. Theycan initiate a request for proposal. Or even issue a purchase order.

Linking You and YourCustomer
Workforce offers you the opportunityto close the loop between you and your customer -- through direct responseadvertising. Workforce’s database of detailed demographic informationabout the print and online user will allow you to build a fully integrated,highly targeted direct response program.
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