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Table of Contents January 2001

December 29, 2000
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SpecialReport: HR on the Internet
Channeling the Résumé Floodwith Applicant Tracking
Millionsof résumés flow through the Internet, yet companies are oftenill-equipped to capture and hire the best candidates. In this package ofstories, you’ll see why applicant tracking is so popular and begin toassess how it can best help you manage the hiring process.
ByPaul A. Gilster, Barbara Davison, and William Dickmeyer
Better Training is Just a ClickAway
It’sno longer a question of whether the Web will be used to deliver workplacetraining. It’s just a matter of how fast it will happen, and what blendof digital and classroom instruction is best.
ByEilene Zimmerman
Online Incentives Sizzle - andYou Shine
Ofcourse you want a great rewards program. But the real reason for exploringonline reward sites is this: it’s a lot less work for you.
ByPaul A. Gilster
Hot Disputes Cool Down inCyberspace Mediation
Online dispute resolution candefuse anger and save HR managers time, energy - and real-world lawsuits.
ByBrenda Paik Sunoo
Making Online Self-Service Work
Putyour benefits administration on the Web and your employees will flock toit, right? Not when a good chunk of the working population can beclassified as technology resistant. You can help employees make a smoothtransition.
ByPaul A. Gilster


When an Employee's CrisisBecomes HR's Problem
Sometimesthe line between the business world and the personal one blurs. Anemployee’s unresolved problems - a death, a disaster, a divorce - canaffect productivity and workplace morale.
ByChelle E. Cohen
The Workforce Interview
Howcan HR make a difference in a company? You pick your battles, says JimMoore, who directed workforce planning for Sun Microsystems. You might getrespect. You might get fired.
ByBob Rosner


Between the Lines
HRisn’t generally seen as being an “early adopter” of new technology.And that’s a big problem for the profession.
FreshHR. More on assertive assistants. A sitcom solution to the “holidayparty” dilemma.
Dear Workforce:
Dealingwith a disgruntled worker takes patience - and a plan. Merging disparatepay systems.
On the Contrary
It’s Jan. 1, 2001. You have aheadache. It’s Jan. 2, and your goals for the new year seem impossibleto attain. Shari Caudron feels your pain.
Thetop 10 HR tech trends for 2001 include technology outsourcing, streamingvideo on your desktop, and wireless synchronization with Bluetooth.
The Buzz
Threeways to structure expatriate compensation. HR’s resolutions for a newyear. The irony of ergonomic legislation. Should you pay interns?Recognition for businesses that do good.
Canthe Internet help you hit the salary mark? Companies of all sizes arefinding information online, but whether the free stuff is reliable is asubject of hot debate.
Legal Insight
Findingyour way through the Internet’s legal minefield. Retaliation against anillegal immigrant is big trouble. A leave-taking that leaves bigquestions.
Sun Microsystems found a way tobeat its employees’ commuting nightmares: satellite work centers.
Working Wounded
Whatdo you do when your company “suggests” you exercise your stock optionsas a sign of loyalty? And who would you most like to be your boss? Oprah?Einstein?
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