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What To Look For in a Salary Survey

December 29, 2000
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World at Work, a nonprofit industry organization that isthe former American Compensation Association, offers a few suggestions forchecking out salary survey data:

  • Make sure the surveys you use match the correct labor market and job category. Don’t rely on job titles alone.

  • How many sources are appropriate for your needs? Using a number of survey sources helps avoid any particular bias of a single source.

  • Get management’s support for using survey data so that time and effort are not wasted.

  • Assess why you want the survey data. That includes which jobs need to be listed and the appropriate labor markets, both geographically and by industry.

  • Use reputable sources to find surveys. There are companies that specialize in cataloguing salary survey sources and maintaining information about them.

Workforce,January 2001, Vol 80, No 1, p. 88  SubscribeNow!

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