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December 29, 2000
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Work|Life Benefits helps companiesachieve measurable increases in employee productivity, retention and moralethrough the design and implementation of integrated work/life strategies andservices. 

    Work|Life Benefitsoffers programs relating to: 

  • Childcare services
  • Adultand elder care services
  • Adoptionand parenting
  • Specialneeds
  • Childsafety
  • Collegeand college planning
  • Maturetransitions
  • Expatriationand repatriation
  • Legalissues
  • Financialplanning
  • Convenienceand concierge services
  • Petcare
  • Adoptionsubsidy
  • GeriatricCare Management
  • Lactationservices

    Work|Life Benefitshas a national database of nearly two million providers and a map trackingprogram. Consultants provide written materials on a wide range of work-lifeissues. “Helping Hand” sheets contain solutions to common problems andchallenges facing the workforce. Books and videos are available. 

For moreinformation, please contact Bill Gurzi at

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