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Meeting Manners that Matter

January 28, 1999
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From trainer Barbara Pachter, here are ten rules for giving others a good impression about you during meetings:

  • Greet office staff upon arrival. Usually, visitors forget to introduce themselves to administrative staff, and a mistake is made before the meeting even starts.
  • Greet other participants. While people are arriving, introduce yourself to them if you don’t know them.
  • Arrive on time. Not doing so is disrespectful.
  • Groom well. It’s not acceptable to put on lipstick, brush hair, or clip fingernails at the table—but yes, it happens.
  • Maintain proper posture. Don’t put your feet up or slouch.
  • Pay attention. Don’t twist paperclips, read e-mail or other work while people are talking.
  • Be prepared. Otherwise, you’re like the kid who gets caught skipping his homework.
  • Don’t interrupt. It’s annoying.
  • Don’t leave early unless you have to. If you do have to, say so in advance.
  • Clean up after yourself. Throw away your discarded papers and soda cans.

Source: Joyce Hoff, Pachter & Associates, Cherry Hill, NJ, January 11, 1999. Pachter is the co-author of the Prentice Hall Complete Business Etiquette Handbook. Order this book now from Isbn 0131569511.

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