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Checklist for Jury Duty Policy

February 10, 1999
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Do you have a jury duty policy? At the minimum, the policy should address the following issues:

Will the leave be paid or unpaid?

How will pay, if any, be calculated?

What happens to the pay a juror-employee receives from the court?

Can the employee receive vacation or holiday pay while serving as a juror?

What kind of proof does an employee have to present, and to whom must this proof be submitted, in order to be granted jury duty leave?

Is there a time limit to the amount of paid jury duty leave the company will grant?

What should the employee do if he or she is released early or not called on a given day during jury duty?

What is the record keeping system to document jury duty leave/jury duty pay?

Are there any types of employees (such as part-timers) that are not eligible for paid jury duty leave?

Will the company try to intervene if the employee’s absence creates a hardship?

How will the company handle jury duty requests from employees who work on nontraditional shifts and/or nontraditional workweeks (such as four-day work weeks)

Source: 1999 U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide, Copyright 1998, CCH Incorporated, Chicago, IL.

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