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Sample Voting Time Leave Policy

February 11, 1999
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You should distribute a voting time leave policy that, at the least, specifies how employees should request time off to vote; whether the time off is provided for by state law or by company policy, and lets employees know if they will be compensated for time off. It’s also helpful to let them know when the polls are open, and how to vote absentee.

Here’s a sample voting time leave policy:

As required by law, all employees are provided up to (insert number) hours of time off with pay on election day to vote in city, county, state and national elections if it cannot be done outside of normal working hours.

Give your supervisor (or insert title of authorized person) advanced notice if you need time off to vote. You may be required to bring in proof that you voted in the elections.

Most states do provide that workers have time off to vote, but whether it is an unpaid or a paid absence varies, as do the penalties on employers that deny employees this opportunity. Most employers grant such time off regardless of the law.

Source: 1999 U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide, Copyright 1998, CCH Incorporated, Chicago, IL.

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