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Do You Have an Empowered Environment

March 23, 1999
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Your workplace has established self-directed teams.

Higher-ups freely share information about the company's directions and goals with the entire employee base.

Employees receive training they need to achieve goals, whether it be specific work skills, or education on "bigger picture" issues, such as time management or leadership.

Employees continually develop new work skills.

Managers understand and respect the challenges of an empowering workplace. They're more coaches than bosses. They empower gradually and systematically as team members are ready. They don't expect or push for immediate results.

Employees are in control of the resources they need to meet their goals.

The company provides measurements so teams can see whether their ideas are effective.

Team members are treated to continual positive feedback and reinforcement.

SOURCE: Personnel Journal, (now Workforce), "Create an Empowering Environment," September 1995 by Shari Caudron

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