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Beefing Up Your Metrics

March 25, 1999
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According to John Sullivan, HR professor, San Francisco State University, here are some good ways to beef up your metrics.

Employee Expenses.
Don't provide a headcount of employees and their costs because not all positions pay the same. Instead, provide dollars spent on employees as a percentage of revenue -- that can better be compared against all costs.

Don't give turnover figures alone because they don't show the importance of the people who left. Instead, show the turnover in key positions and in high-performance jobs.

Don't provide hiring costs alone. Instead, link costs for losing -- as well as hiring -- employees.

Candidate Losses.
Don't just list overall numbers of candidates that rejected offers. Instead, list rejects by job and/or division because that can help pinpoint problem areas.

SOURCE: Reprinted with permission from Human Resource Management News, 1998. All Rights Reserved. Kennedy Information, LLC/Human Resource Management News. (800-531-0007).

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