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HRThe New Strategic Partner

April 1, 1999
Related Topics: Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS/HRIS), Featured Article
If you keep your employees satisfiedmentally, emotionally and physically you'll have a winning combination that will produceproduct faster and better than the competition. This new mantra is taking hold all acrossCorporate America. NuView Systems, Inc. understandsthis need and wants to demonstrate how using NuWeb Suite! can free employees frommundane tasks so they can tackle strategic decisions for their company.

Enter the new strategic partner from within -- The HR Department.

Traditionally, HR has been a department thatprovided statistical data for accounting, payroll and legal departments. It has beenviewed as a necessary expense to satisfy the bean-counters and attorneys while providinggeneral service to employees. At many organizations, HR hasn't been critical to thestrategic direction of the company, and rarely has had an impact on the overall bottomline. The challenge of the VP of HR has been to explain why his or her department isstrategically necessary to the company’s goal. Even when convinced, other VPsdon’t see why goals, employee morale and other intangible ideals take precedence overcost cutting, revenue generating strategies.

So how does NuView Systems, Inc.’sinnovative, scalable HRIS product lineincluding  self-service helpimprove the company’s bottom line, better use the creativity of the employees andboost morale?

ESS Expert Web -- A Better Solution

  • Employee ownership of data
    Employees are presented with an opportunity to review, confirm and change anyinformation themselves. Information such as marital status, dependents, emergencycontacts, beneficiaries, etc. are personal -- changing them is something employees wouldlike to be in control of themselves. It creates a sense of security of how the changeswere made.
  • Instant access anywhere and anytime
    Employees can get answers and review information when they need it.
  • An outlet for creative ideas, suggestions or complaints
    A primary aspect of employee empowerment is to provide a forum for expression.Expression may take the form of frustration on the job or a brand new idea to increaseproductivity. Self-service is an ideal environment that allows employees time to properlyform ideas and express them in a multimedia format. This allows the hidden cartoonist toblossom, or the poet to write company poetry or the digital-camera enthusiast to publishpictures from the last company picnic.
  • Rights of an employee in the company
    The policy and procedure manual, the summary plan descriptions for all benefits, rulesgoverning the workplace, company policy on sexual discrimination and other corporate rulescan be posted for instant and permanent access.
  • Benefits of being in the company
    Accessibility to the benefit statement, investments modeling, stock options and otherways the company is helping keep employees happy.
  • Instantly publish new forms
    Collect and disseminate information to employees by changing a few Web pages.Self-service can help make an announcement to a group or across the company.
  • The great equalizer; catering to the silent majority
    Self-service provides a forum for people who are naturally recalcitrant and shy.Self-service is anonymous and equal for everyone.
  • Corporate culture
    The soul of the company can be exposed for employees to see how to fit in and how tobehave. The goals, expectations and results it requires from its employees and theultimate mission of the company.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Since paper would be replaced by the self-service on a computer, the consumption ofpaper would be considerably reduced. In addition, reduced freight, courier andtransportation costs would save the company and the environment more.
  • Time and cost savings
    Each employee can spend time doing the work that makes him or her productive andprofitable, rather than spending the time requesting information, filling out forms andfollowing up after them.

Inaddition to the value of EmployeeSelf-Service, Manager Self-Serviceand Guest Self-Service, a Web-basedHRIS is critical to the success of multiple site companies. NuWeb Suite is based on NuView’sflagship HRIS, HR:Expert Suite andemploys the four modules that encompass the entire lifecycle of an employee -- MatchMaker for applicant tracking andresume scanning, HR:Expert for humanresources and benefits information, TrainingExpert for training administration and Success Expert for succession planningand employee development. With all types of payroll interfaces included you have aglobally connected HRIS delivering true value to the employees and their company.

Hereare just a few of the features that set NuWeb Suite! apart from the competition:

  • Innovative NuNavigator for quick selection and easynavigation through system.
  • Web based -- 3-tier client/server system
  • Web browser -- Wide area access, thin-client,cross-platform. 500 concurrent users.
  • Employees enroll into benefits, request vacations,enroll in courses, see their own information; managers approve absence requests,performance reviews, timesheets and more.
  • Completely secure. Security for user, group,screen, records, reports, exports and topic.
  • Integration with corporate web site. Customized tolook like your web site.
  • Email-based work flow.
  • Instant updates. Changing objects and programs onthe server allows for instant system updates.
  • Payroll interfaces. Complete connectivity for datafeed from NuView Self-Service.
  • Easy interface with online help.


Today,business success depends more on quality employees than how many oil fields you own. Workethic and loyalty to the company goals is what the HR department is ideally geared tohandle. Areas of HR neglected by all except the Fortune 500 companies suddenlyare finding favor by companies of all types and sizes. Training administration andsuccession planning have become big goals to achieve. Performance review models, employeeand manager self-service, 360-degree training evaluations and the ability to conveycompany polices and goals in a organized and structured way are concepts that entirecompanies are embracing. Let NuView’s HR professionals provide needs-analysis foryour company and streamline your HR processes for the new millennium.

The race is on for the most efficientimplementation of technology to achieve these goals.

Here at NuView Systems, Inc., we're excitedbecause we're racing to anticipate what you need before you ask us for it. We have greatthings to show and share with you. Visit our web site at or call 800/244-7654 and ask aboutour City Tour in a city near you.Call us and you'll find us prepared to listen -- perhaps you'll be surprised by what we'vealready achieved.

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