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May 6, 1999
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Becoming a member of Workforce has its rewards. You'll have access to a wide network of HR and management professionals from around the globe -- professionals working to make an impact on their businesses just as you are.

By becoming a member, you'll:

Join the most interesting HR conversation around.

The Workforce topic forums are conversations with cutting-edge HR experts who want to help their businesses prosper. Members share strategic planning ideas, dress code policies, diversity strategies and more.

As a member, you can post queries, respond to questions, and take full part in the discussions.

Topic forums include a General Forum; an HR Career Forum; a Technology Forum; and a Recruiting & Staffing Forum.

Get personalized answers from an attorney.

Is he or isn't he covered under the FMLA? What's a "reasonable accommodation" under the ADA? Who is and isn't exempt from OT?

In the Workforce Legal Forum, attorneys from the respected employment law firm Epstein, Becker and Green answer members' questions on the alphabet soup of legal dilemmas.

Search the member network for people like you.

The Workforce Member Network is a database of every site member who chooses to make his or her profile public, searchable by different fields. Head to the Community Center, scroll down past the forums, and you'll see it.

Search on these criteria (state, country, union status, job title, job function, company size and industry) to find peers with similar circumstances. You can then e-mail them or ask them to join you in a Peer Group.

Participate in, and even create, Peer Groups.

Sometimes, you'll want to post a question in one of the topic forums to reach the largest audience possible. Other times, you'll want to reach a more targeted audience. Maybe it's HR pros in chain restaurants or benefits managers in England. Perhaps you want to bring together small companies who are facing union petition drives, or Texas retailers.

Members can set up and participate in Peer Groups based on their areas of interest. It's easy to start a group.

Take part in special members-only chats led by experts.

Members can take part in Live Chat sessions, moderated by experts. You'll be able to ask the questions you want and gain access to leading authorities in the field.

Receive the free "Workforce Week" e-mail newsletter.

By becoming a member, you'll receive the popular Workforce Week newsletter, featuring time-saving weekly updates on the Web site, hot buzz in HR, notices of chat sessions and new Peer Groups, special offers, and more!

Click here to join the community.

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