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May 15, 1999
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When you read the messages from each of the Workforce editors, you'll find a common theme: a passion for what they do.

They have a tremendous respect for the power of HR and the results produced by the new breed of HR decision makers who are making their companies better. These HR pros help businesses and employees.

The other common theme is their affection for the HR professionals they've met during the course of writing stories. They've been inspired by the individuals who have changed the role, the stature and the presence of HR in Corporate America.

With this kind of editorial dedication, sense of mission and ongoing passion, it's no surprise that Workforce (formerly Personnel Journal) has won more than 70 publishing awards in the last 15 years.

Write the editors. They love feedback - favorable and unfavorable. We became journalists to make a difference in the world with our words. So, if you've reacted to anything we've written, we want to hear about it.

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