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The Workforce Optimas Awards Winning Companies

May 16, 1999
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How does HR drive business results?

It can improve customer service, institute diversity initiatives and rethink compensation plans with unparalleled creativity and success. Astute workforce management can lead organizations into battle against overregulation and crushing bureaucracy—and win.

It can help ensure that mergers succeed and that new global markets are opened. Workforce management can reinvent health care delivery, forge new opportunities for women and reach out to employees with life-threatening illnesses.

Optimas Award winners prove that workforce management is key to every business issue in today’s organizations. The winners also show that these practices can be applied anywhere: in family businesses and the public sector, in the Fortune 500 and in small organizations, in big cities and on the farm, in industries of every sort.

The only common denominator is that they all have faced real business challenges and have used their initiatives to drive business results.

Find out more about the Optimas Awards, presented by Workforce Management.

The application deadline for the 2011 Optimas Awards is Aug. 31, 2011.

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