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Eight Myths of HRMS Software (I of IV)

May 17, 1999
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Myth #1:

HRMS Software will solve all my problems
HRMS software automates processes that already exist. If you have a well-tuned HR function, software will simply make that well-tuned operation work much faster. If you have a poorly organized HR function, software will simply expose any problems or issues very rapidly.

The speed with which HRMS software operates has the direct result of allowing more work to get done and for it to be done more efficiently. This enables the HR function to be more vital, more visible, and more timely. If timeliness is a problem (and it can be with reporting), HRMS software will solve the problem. However, if reports are a problem due to missing or incorrect data, you will simply have the ability to create bad reports quickly.

Myth #2:

HRMS Software will eliminate jobs in the HR Department
Very seldom does anyone actually lose a job when HRMS software is implemented. Staff members who slave over the filing cabinet retrieving and restoring files will lose those mundane duties and gain time for proactive tasks such as reporting and planning. Staff members will no longer serve the dreaded filing cabinet, but will serve the management staff as is appropriate.

In larger HR staffs in a manual environment, there may be an overstaff situation to compensate for the lack of automation. In this instance staff members are often reassigned from the filing job to a role that was not getting done before. For example, many former file clerks who have quit the filing habit have become employment specialists and focus their talents on recruiting, taking advantage of the applicant tracking capabilities of the recently implemented HRMS software.

SOURCE: Jim Witschger, "HRMS Software—Myths and Reality," March 1999.

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