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You Might Not Be a Strategic HR Leader If ..

May 19, 1999
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You might not be a strategic HR leader if ...

… managers in your firm have been conditioned to use the phrase "that sounds like an HR issue" whenever they have a situation they don’t want to deal with.

… your only role at Corporate Leadership Team meetings is to serve donuts and write on the flipchart.

… you think all the important information you need can be found on the HRMS system.

… you believe that being "politically correct" is more important than using common sense.

… you can’t accept the fact that some things just can’t be measured.

… you describe your organization’s goal as "Uh … well … duh … to make money … right?"

… your personal battle cry each morning is "paper, paper, bring on more paper!"

… the top management committee asks to leave the room because they want to discuss "people issues"

… your only copy of the business plan is the one you found in a conference room in 1995.

SOURCE: Excerpted from a list compiled by Dr. Paul M. Swiercz, Director, HR Strategic Partnership Project, Department of Management Science, The George Washington University (Washington, DC) from responses on HRNet.

Workforce, September 1998, Vol. 77, No. 9, p. 21.

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