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Eight Myths of HRMS Software (IV of IV)

May 21, 1999
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Eight Myths of HRMS Software (IV of IV)

Myth #7:

HR Software requires constant IS involvement
Some HRMS software may require constant IS involvement, but a well-designed and well-implemented product should not. If you are not getting constant IS involvement with your system now (manual or automated), you should not need it with a new automated system, unless of course, the software is poorly designed, poorly conceived, and/or poorly implemented.

Myth #8:

Getting Technical Support is a problem with HRMS Software
There are endless horror stories about lengthy delays for returned calls, inexperienced support reps, voice mail, and of course, program errors (i.e. bugs). Well-designed software minimizes the need for technical support, but there is never, ever a replacement for the human touch. Well-trained reps can answer questions quickly and refer software problems to the development staff for speedy resolution.

During the purchase process, you can determine the quality of support you are going to receive by demo-ing not only the software but also the technical support. Given that everyone is at their best before a sale, you can safely assume that if pre-sales efforts are weak, post sales efforts will be weaker.

SOURCE: Jim Witschger, "HRMS Software—Myths and Reality," March 1999.

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