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August 1999 IWorkforce -IEditorial Line-Up

May 27, 1999
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August 1999 Editorial Highlights

HR Creates Better Managers

Traditional paper pushing HR administrators are the enemy of front-line managers. But, the new breed of HR is different. These real HR pros understand line management. They are forging new relationships and becoming a strong ally.

HR & Front-line Managers Work Together

Traditionally viewed as working at cross purposes, HR and front-line managers are now developing successful business partnerships. How is the new breed of HR building bridges and creating new working relationships?

Products & Services:
Help HR & Front-line Management Work Together

  • Team Training Programs
  • Communications Consultants
  • Interpersonal Skills Training

HR Counteracts Toxic Managers

Unhappy for one reason or another, toxic managers create an unhealthy workplace and unhappy employees, who leave rather than complain. Toxic managers undermine HR's efforts to attract and retain key employees. How can HR respond?

Products & Services:
Help HR Identify Toxic Managers

  • Employee Attitude Surveys
  • 360 Feedback/Appraisals
  • Skills Testing & Assessment

Help HR Re-Train Toxic Managers

  • Management Training
  • Communications Training
  • Outplacement Services

Help HR Retain Key Employees

  • Awards & Recognition Programs
  • Compensation Programs
  • Employee Attitude Surveys
  • EAPs

HR Builds Effective Managers

The old command-and-control approach to management doesn't work in today's team-based, project-oriented organization. How does HR help build an effective management model?

Products & Services:
Help HR Train Managers in Today's Skills

  • Management & Project Management Training
  • Team Training
  • Executive Education
  • Career Development
  • Leadership Training

Help Provide the HR Programs to Support Effective Managers

  • Compensation/Pay for Performance
  • Job Design & Evaluation Programs
  • Succession Planning Software
  • Training Management Software

HR Helps Supervisors Support Work/Family Initiatives

Work/family initiatives fail if supervisors don't support them. How is HR designing supervisory performance measures to support work/family programs? How are they linking performance with pay?

Products & Services:
Help HR Create Work/Family Initiatives that Work

  • Eldercare Programs
  • Child care Programs
  • Work/Family Information

Help HR Train & Manage Supervisors to Support Work/Family Initiatives

  • Management Training
  • Awards & Recognition Programs
  • Compensation/Pay for Performance
  • 360 Performance/Feedback

Reading Groups Build Teams

Reading groups are one of the newest forms of interactive training. They are used to build teams and increase employees' knowledge. The Hewlett-Packard program provides some general guidelines for other companies.

Products & Services:
Help HR Identify the Business & Management Books

Available for Reading Groups

  • Book Publishers

Forté - Legoland Shows How to Compete for Top Talent

How do you hire top people, when your competitors are more established, better known and have a higher consumer profile? That's the challenge faced by, Donna Schmidt, director of HR for Legoland, when she set out to hire staff to open the new theme park in a highly competitive labor market.

Products & Services:
Help HR Create Competitive Jobs & Find the People to Fill Them

  • Compensation Programs
  • Job Design
  • Candidate Screening & Assessment Programs
  • Candidate Sourcing Media & Events
  • Staffing/Recruitment Management Software
  • Recruitment Ad Agencies

Trends & Resources:
Recruiting & The Internet - A Mixed Blessing

The Internet is the hot new recruitment medium, but there can be pitfalls. How can HR make recruiting on the Internet more effective? What strategies is the new breed of HR using?

Products & Services:
Help HR Fill Job Openings in a Tight Labor Market

  • See the "Recruitment & Staffing Buyers' Guide"

Trends & Resources:
Working with Line Managers to Understand Recruitment Issues

Line management wonders why HR hasn't fill that job yet. HR is struggling in to find job candidates in the tightest labor market in 29 years. By understanding the implications of the labor shortage and working together, line managers and HR can solve the companies staffing issues.

Products & Services:
Help HR Fill Job Openings in a Tight Labor Market

  • See the "Recruitment & Staffing Buyers' Guide"

Trends & Resources:
Can Hiring Contract Recruiters Help?

In today's labor market, it seems that HR's only job is finding candidates for open positions. But there are other HR issues that demand attention. Some companies are hiring contract recruiters. Is this a solution?

Products & Services:
Help HR Fill Job Openings in a Tight Labor Market

  • See the "Recruitment & Staffing Buyers' Guide"


Buyers' Guide: Recruitment & Staffing

Recruitment & Staffing Buyers' Guide

Your listing in the "Recruitment & Staffing Buyers' Guide" reaches HR decision makers reading Workforce.

  • 1 FREE Listing (With a print ad 1/3 page or larger)
  • $295 for one Listing (No print ad)
  • $250 for each additional Listing (All)

Products & Services:
Help HR Source Job Candidates:

  • Recruitment Media: Newspapers, Internet, Broadcast
  • Job Fairs
  • College Recruiting
  • Recruitment Ad Agencies
  • Placement Agencies
  • Executive Search

Help HR Screen Job Candidates:

  • Skills Assessments
  • Honesty Testing
  • Drug Testing
  • Interview Training
  • Background Checking
  • Drug Testing

Help HR Track Job Candidates:

  • Resume Management Software
  • Applicant Tracking Software

Help HR Hire & Keep the Right Candidates:

  • Job Design & Evaluation
  • Compensation Plans

Help HR Solve Staffing Problems:

  • Contingent Staffing
  • Employment Leasing Services


August 1999 Deadlines

Prior to June 25th: Contact your sales consultant, or Vickie Steele, to reserve space and request your listing form. Complete the listing and return the form via email.

June 25th: Reservations & Listings Due

July 1st: Artwork Due

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