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June 5, 1999
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Cover Story

Employee Sabotage: Don’t Be a Target!
By Jennifer Laabs
Angry employees are sabotaging employers’ technology and operations in increasingly sophisticated and creative ways. At the heart of the destructive behavior are anger and resentment. Find out why workers aren’t always on your side and what action you should take.


The Power of Personal Recognition
By Linda Davidson
Recognition that’s personalized and done with a flair of celebration carries an important message to employees: You make a difference. When employees feel they’re valued and respected, they’re less likely to be open to offers from competitors—even if those offers come with bigger paychecks.

Moving Jobs to Offshore Markets: Why It’s Done and How It Works
By Charlene Marmer Solomon
Moving labor offshore is traditionally thought of as a negative solution to staffing shortages. Understanding that there are benefits can help position it in a more positive light.

Building the Perfect Workforce
By Thomas O. Davenport
This excerpt from Human Capital: What It Is and Why People Invest It will help you learn how to create and deliver the best return from your selection process.


Putting It Together
Filling Jobs Is Only the Beginning

News Angle
Supreme Court Hands Down Decision in ADA Case

The Buzz
How to Deal With Gen-X Workers; Flattery Gets You Everywhere

HR Helps Build First U.S.-based LEGOLAND Theme Park

Legal Insight
Pre-employment Testing Can Be Unlawful

Money Matters
Tax Incentives Can Offset the Cost of ADA Compliance

Personal Best
Volunteer Program Is a Springboard for Career Advancement

Trends & Resources

The Hard Case for Soft Skills
By Shari Caudron
Current research on emotional intelligence reveals evidence that investing in "soft-skills" development has big payoffs. Learn why emotions matter in the workplace and how to develop emotional intelligence at your company.

Emotional Intelligence at Work
By Jennifer Laabs
When emotional-intelligence training is done right, the results can be dramatic. Find out what sets EI training apart from all the others, and how to use it effectively.

Internal Resources: American Express Taps Into the Power of Emotional Intelligence
By Scott Hays
American Express Financial Advisors learned to appreciate the role of emotion in the workplace. See how they used emotional-intelligence training to increase sales revenue and improve performance.

More Information: Increase Your EQ
Check out seminars, Web sites, articles and books that will give you more insight about soft-skills training and emotional intelligence.

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