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How to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site

June 16, 1999
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How do you drive traffic to your Web site? To build traffic, focus on the most critical customers. Some examples:

  • Round up the surfers. It's a good idea to find the people who surf a lot. Go into some of the more specialized search engines, such as Liszt, Dogpile or Deja News. If they're poking around in there, they probably know they're way around the 'Net and will be more likely than other users to talk about your site. Target your ads to some of these sites, or send e-mails (not spam) to some visitors to these sites if you have answers to their posts.
  • When someone wants feedback, serve it on a platter. Two types of folks will e-mail you with a question about your company. The first kind are hard-core site users. The second kind could become so. Take time to research their questions, and you'll create a user who knows where to get help. Since that user wasn't shy about asking you for help, they probably won't be shy about telling others where the info came from. Also, ask them for input on the site—it's a free focus group.
  • Ask your advertisers. Do you have any advertisers on your site, or companies or organizations with which you've made any reciprocal traffic-swapping arrangements? Next time you're chatting with one of your sponsors, ask if they've gotten any good leads from users who clicked through your site. Then, call that lead, asking how their experience was. A user thinking of making a purchase is a user who will make another purchase. You want these folks coming back.

SOURCE: Todd Raphael, Workforce Online, May 5, 1999.

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