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Beware the Peril of Dinosaur Recruiting

August 1, 1999
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The recruiting world has changed dramatically over the past few years, but not every HR manager or recruiter has changed with it. Here's a brief test to check whether you've kept up with the times or fallen behind, clinging to outmoded "dinosaur" recruitment methods. If any of the statements below apply to you or your company, consider updating your skills and knowledge.

  • You find more candidates from "job boards" than from other types of Web sites.

  • You primarily target active candidates, not passive ones.

  • You don't forecast future employment needs or estimate the available supply.

  • You've never used "spiders" or "worms" to search the Web.

  • You don't routinely evaluate the success rates of each tool and source you use to recruit employees.

  • You aren't a subscriber to any electronic recruiting "listservers." You use newspaper-classified ads as your only source of candidates.

  • You haven't participated in the development of your company's career Web site.

  • You never track the performance or retention rates of your hires.

  • You've never used a Resumix/Restac-type system.

  • You measure success by the number of requisitions you fill.

  • You have no "pool" of job applicants, or pre-qualified candidate lists.

SOURCE: Dr. John Sullivan, professor of human resources at the College of Business at San Francisco State University.

Workforce, August 1999, Vol. 78, No. 8, p. 80.

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