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Taming the E-cruiting Jungle

August 17, 1999
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Don’t expect to find great candidates if your company’s idea of e-cruiting is adding an e-mail address to a traditional help-wanted ad, says Lou Adler, president of Tustin, California-based executive search and training company The Adler Group, and author of Hire With Your Head (John Wiley & Sons, 1998). Adler says companies and HR departments have to change the way they do business to keep up. The following are some of the key changes. Find these and more tips on e-cruiting in this month’s Workforce Extra and at Workforce Online.

  1. Speed counts.
    The easier it is to find the candidate, the faster you have to respond. Your internal hiring process must support the requirements for speed: If you can’t call, phone screen and interview candidates within 72 hours, you’ll lose many of the best.

  2. Ads are more important than résumés.
    How you write and manage ads will directly determine how successful your e-cruiting efforts will be. Make sure your Internet ads are visible. Even a dull ad with good visibility will outdraw an ad that’s hidden. Pay for better placement. Try targeting banner ads or buying keywords to place on career sites or anywhere a candidate might look for related information.

  3. Make sourcing and staffing a priority.
    While everyone recognizes the importance of hiring the best, little proactive time is actually devoted to the effort. Prepare a performance profile with your staffing team. Without it, don’t expect the HR department to understand your needs. The quality of the hiring process increases in direct proportion to the amount of effort applied to a profile.

  4. Treat candidates as customers, not subordinates.
    Treating candidates as customer always made good sense. Today, it’s a requirement. The Internet candidate is in the driver’s seat. Mobility is increasing in quantum leaps. It’s easier for a candidate to find a new job, especially if he or she is in the top 20 percent. The stars will find you if you have a compelling, career-oriented ad.

  5. Compelling ads will generate more traffic than typical ads.
    Put your best stuff in the first two lines of your online ad. If this is captivating, they’ll read the rest. This two-liner will stand out in the summary list generated by search engines. Focus on where the candidate is going and what the person needs to have.

Workforce, August 1999, Vol. 78, No. 8, p. 82.

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