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Don't Overdo Bells and Whistles on Your Web Site

September 7, 1999
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Companies are trying everything to woo applicants via the 'Net, and yours is probably no exception.

One ploy you might want to take a pass on is the use (overuse) of sound, video, and other bells and whistles in the "job openings" area of your company site. In a recent study, the folks at Hanrick Associates (a Web development company) asked 230 job seekers which elements of a company Web site they most valued.

The presence of sound, video and other multimedia features ranked dead last. Informative material ranked first, followed by regular updates.

It's a good reminder that while people are quickly moving to broadband, most candidates are still surfing at speeds that make long download times quite frustrating. The less fancy stuff you post, and the more simple and updated information, the better off you are.

SOURCE: "E-Recruiting: Using the Internet to Win Top Talent," Hanrick Associates, August 1999.

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