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Ultimate SoftwareServing Up a New HRMS_payroll Solution for Staff America

October 1, 1999
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Company Profile:
Headquartered in Moorestown, New Jersey, Staff America Inc. is a rapidly growing professional employer organization (PEO) with more than 3,500 employees, that provides integrated business services and manages critical human resource responsibilities efficiently and cost-effectively to more than 100 clients nationwide. Staff America offers customers a broad range of professional services and benefits including payroll services, workers compensation, 401(k) plans, group health plans and valuable group purchasing discounts.

Staff America was searching for an easy-to-use human resource and payroll management system (HRMS/payroll) that it could get up and running quickly, with one database for all its clients so it could easily find or report on specific employees without needing to remember which client company they work for. They also wanted to be able to report on their own company or their individual client companies. In addition, Staff America was seeking a solution that would allow them to easily comply with all their federal and state reporting requirements.

Technology was a major issue for Staff America, as it didn't have in-house information technology (IT) resources or the outlay of cash needed to implement a top-of-the-line HRMS/payroll solution.

But all too often, Staff America found itself explaining to vendors that its needs were different. If only software solution providers understood the complex requirements of a PEO. That’s when company executives turned to Florida-based Ultimate Software, the leader in Web-based and integrated client/server HRMS/payroll solutions.

After an extensive vendor search, Staff America selected Ultimate Software’s UltiPro HRMS/Payroll.

UltiPro HRMS/Payroll gives Staff America the ability to handle multiple companies, allowing them to set up benefit plan types once that apply to all of its client companies. Compliance is simple as UltiPro automatically calculates relevant taxes, earnings and deductions for each employee paycheck.

Because Staff America could not afford to keep up with the "latest" technology, Ultimate Software teamed up with world’s largest IT company, IBM, on an UltiPro application hosting option called intersourcing.

Intersourcing combines the best of in-house and outsourcing solutions for Staff America—complete access to their critical data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—without the headaches of in-house IT support or large, upfront cash expenditures. And for Staff America, this is a real asset because employee management is its core business, and their employees need to get paid both accurately and quickly.

For Staff America, intersourcing UltiPro is an innovative business solution that will simplify the organization’s computing needs by providing reliable hardware, software and comprehensive services at traditionally low monthly costs.

"Intersourcing was a simple choice," explains Neal L. Snyder, Staff America’s vice president of corporate relations. "We said, ‘Let IBM do what they do best and host this application. Let’s select Ultimate Software’s award-winning UltiPro because it offers more quality business intelligence tools, so we can stay focused on growing our business rather than on technical support issues.’ It’s a win-win situation for everyone—even for our hundreds of client companies."

For Staff America, selecting UltiPro HRMS/Payroll was more than just a cost-cutting measure. In fact, there are quite a number of strategic benefits that contributed to its decision.

  • Ability to provide Web-based access to managers and employees through UltiPro Web Employee and Manager Self-service
  • Easy path to e-business applications through, Ultimate Software’s one-stop shopping supersite for HR/payroll professionals, managers and the employees they support
  • Predictable "pay-as-you-go" pricing
  • Reduced infrastructure and operating costs
  • Access to employee and client company data for business analysis and easy reporting with UltiPro’s Cognos tools
  • Lower share of technology risks
  • Continuous access to updated hardware and software
  • Scalability

"Last minute payroll changes will no longer be a problem and paying additional processing charges for out-of-cycle checks will become a thing of the past," adds Snyder. "With our UltiPro intersourcing option, revisions are made according to our schedule, not IBM’s."

By intersourcing its UltiPro HRMS/payroll, Staff America not only has the ability to create different pay groups for their 3,000 employees, but also can automatically calculate all employee taxes—even for situations in which employees work in one state yet live in another. In addition, Staff America can establish company preferences for standard deductions and benefits, pay groups and accruals for vacation and sick time.

More importantly, with intersourcing, Staff America can find information and report on their entire employee base, individual client companies or individual employee, even if they are unsure of where they work.

With intersourcing, Staff America is in control of benefits administration, payroll processing, position management, training management and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) claims administration. Staff America can even offer its clients different levels of access and service. Business executives can make more informed, quicker strategic decisions since UltiPro offers an extensive, ready-to-use suite of executive information and business-intelligence tools for online decision support and reporting. This provides everyone from line managers to executives Web access to key business statistics and data on employee metrics, ratios and trends.

"Web hosting services provide customers with simplified, worry-free computing," said Kathy Dodsworth-Rugani, director of hosted applications, IBM Global Services. "This solution offers reduced cost of ownership, uses a single point of contact and gives customers the freedom to focus on their everyday business operations."

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