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What's a Good Boss

October 21, 1999
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Do you tell employees what's on your mind? Do you talk behind their backs? Do you listen to them and get to know them?

Communication is critical, at least according to a national telephone survey of 1,000 adults ages 18 and older. More than 37% said it takes "communication skills or interpersonal relationship skills" to be a good boss. Other results:

  • Nineteen percent said the "ability to understand employees' needs and help them develop their skills" is the most important ingredient in a good boss.
  • The "ability to set clear goals and provide direction" was cited by another 19% of respondents.
  • The "ability to make good day-to-day decisions" was cited by about 18%.

The survey was conducted Sept. 24-26, 1999.

SOURCE: Personnel Decisions International (PDI), Minneapolis, commissioned Market Facts, Inc. to do the survey.

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