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Dear Workforce Panelists

Who's answering your questions?
December 1, 1999
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You're asking questions about managing a workforce in a way that will help your organization. The following companies are joining in answering them.

  • Benchmark HR Solutions, Inc, Salem, N.H., is the nation's only professional services firm wholly focused on providing integrated, outsourced employee recruiting and retention services to high-growth technology companies in the communications, software, Internet and professional services markets.

  • Deloitte and Touche, New York. Deloitte & Touche International Assignment Services supports the cross-border movement and management of their clients' global employees.

  • The Herman Group, Greensboro, NC, a firm of Certified Management Consultants that helps organizations attract, optimize and hold their good workers by helping them embrace the emerging corporate culture and become Employers of Choice.

  • Personnel Decisions International (PDI) is a global management and human resources consulting firm. Since 1967, PDI has been helping organizations accelerate individual success, build talent, and improve decisions to achieve their business goals.

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers, Boston. Helps companies design, build and run cost-effective, targeted HR strategies.

  • The Segal Company, New York. Private, independent, national consulting firm, founded in 1939, whose Human Resources Innovation practice uses a multidisciplinary approach to HR strategies and solutions.

  •, Washington, DC. Mark Gorkin's Stress contains his syndicated "Online Psychohumorist" writings and information on "Practicing Safe Stress" programs, conflict, change, and team building--with humor.

  • T. Williams Consulting, Collegeville, PA. A national strategic staffing consulting firm. Michael A. Sweeney is managing director, project staffing.

  • Work|Life Benefits. Helps companies increase employee productivity, retention and morale through customized, integrated work/life strategies.

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