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How to Make the Most of Holiday Parties

December 13, 1999
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This holiday season is extra-special, with the regular parties mixing with millennium celebrations in anticipation of a bright new future. These hints can help you show yourself in the best light:

  • Prepare for a holiday party as if it were a client meeting or a sales pitch. Plan to discuss more than "shop talk" or office gossip. Show others that you are more than the person they see in the office—know what’s going on in the world and be prepared to talk about it.
  • Have an appropriate toast, anecdote or funny story to entertain your audience if called upon.
  • Avoid taboo subjects like religion, politics or sensitive business issues, such as rumors of downsizing.
  • Limit yourself to one drink. Be on your best behavior.
  • Dress appropriately—don’t overdo makeup or holiday extras.
  • Let your ears work harder than your mouth. You can strengthen and deepen your relationships by communicating through the way you listen. Asking well thought-out, open-ended questions shows sincerity and interest.
  • Have a positive attitude. People do not want to interact with someone who spends time at a party crying in their beer about a bad situation at work, home or in everyday life, especially around the holidays.
  • Remember to focus on the person you’re socializing with. Use it to release energy, engage people

SOURCE: Executive Communications Group, Englewood, NJ.

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