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Survive Your First Relocation Outsourcing

March 1, 1998
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Finding the right vendor doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Follow these tips and you’ll stay firmly in control.

Assess your situation before shopping around:

  • Develop a strong, tiered relocation policy for your employees.
  • Break down the different areas of relocation so you can itemize costs.
  • Estimate time and costs of HR’s current relocation role.
  • Project what time would be saved if relocation were outsourced.

Be in control of your search:

  • Benchmark as many firms as you possibly can.
  • Ask for references from other HR clients and relocated employees.
  • Check with the Washington, D.C.-based Employee Relocation Council and the Alexandria, Virginia-based Society for Human Resource Management for referrals and experiences.
  • Visit each prospective vendor’s office.

Be a prepared, articulate client:

  • Clearly state the employee’s goal and situation—professionally and personally. Define your expectations.
  • Meet the person who will handle your account. Ask about caseload.
  • Evaluate the firm’s flexibility to match your needs, budget and culture.
  • Determine the vendor’s long-term commitment to stay in the relocation industry.
  • Leverage free services.

Forge the partnership:

  • Set up a mechanism for employee feedback, such as a customer survey.
  • Ask for some follow-up measures.
Workforce, March 1998, Vol. 77, No. 3, p. 72.

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