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Workforce Management, May 2011

May 2, 2011
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Is Your Performance Review Underperforming?
by Rita Pyrillis
 Some companies are moving away from traditional, often unpopular annual performance reviews and turning to other approaches for evaluating staff and giving workers more frequent feedback..


Special Report on Leadership Development:
From Fire Drills to Funny Skills
by Garry Kranz 

 A successful leader thinks outside the box on occasion. To tap into that mindset, some leadership programs are taking top talent out of the office and into a burning building, an improv or concert stage, or even a beach in Normandy.


The Last Word
Tapping Social Workers
Ronald J. Alsop
Addressing Gays in the Workplace
From our readers

 Jenga at Work
Despite an improved job market, workers are having trouble steadying their nerves and feeling secure; Quicken Verdict Gives Employers Hope on Overtime; Companies Look to Capitalize on Viral Voices; More Companies Go With Online Tests to Fill in the Blanks; More Employers Take on Temps, but Planning Is Paramount; NASA's Mission: Launching More Young Careers; 2011 Game Changers: Are You Game? Legal Briefings: Employer Liable Under USERRA in 'Cat's Paw' Ruling; Hiring Ban After Failed Drug Test and the ADA.  The Hot Lists: Group Disability and Group Life Insurers. Data Bank: The Vanishing Benefits Package


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