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FleishmanHillard Inc.: Optimas Gold Winner for Corporate Citizenship

For its collaborative response to the pressing challenge of cultivating business in China, FleishmanHillard is the gold Optimas Award winner for Corporate Citizenship.

December 9, 2013
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Optimas 2013

Deng Xiaoping enacted economic reform in China 35 years ago, rapidly reviving the country’s role as a global power. Three and a half decades later, China now has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

China’s rapid growth has provided plenty of opportunities for companies around the world.FleishmanHillard

“However, with these opportunities come several challenges,” wrote FleishmanHillard Inc. Vice President Georgia Constantin in the company’s application. “Cultural and historical differences developing in different ways mean a more nuanced understanding is required to understand Chinese companies going abroad and also for foreign companies hoping to do business in China.”

To overcome these challenges, FleishmanHillard, a global communications firm based in St. Louis, created the China Masters Exchange Program. The program is intended to recruit and develop high-potential Chinese professionals to support business growth and expansion opportunities for China and Chinese companies.

The program seeks Chinese-speaking university seniors who are studying in the United States or European Union. FleishmanHillard partners with universities such as Stanford and the London School of Economics to help source applicants. The selected candidates have a keen interest in learning about business strategy, industry issues and targeted skills required for success in the communications industry.

After completing their undergraduate studies, the program participants are given an entry-level position at FleishmanHillard. For the following year, senior executives mentor the workers who work intimately with counselors and account teams to gain expertise and firsthand experience in the field.

For its proactive, globally collaborative response to the pressing challenge of how to cultivate business in China, FleishmanHillard is the 2013 Optimas Award winner for Corporate Citizenship.

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